The Research and Innovation Plan 2005-2008

Wed, April 25th, 2005

Article written with Joan Cadefau, Alba Puigdomènech and Marta Aymerich, published in Conneixement i Societat.

On 25 January this year, the Executive Council of the Catalan Government approved the Catalan Research and Innovation Plan (PRI) 2005-2008. The PRI is one of the Government's principal instruments for promotion of research, development and innovation in the public and private sectors, and for achievement of research investment levels of 2.1% of Catalan GDP by the year 2008. The PRI was prepared in 2004 by the Ministry of Universities, Research and the Information Society and the Ministry of Industry and Employment. The work was coordinated by the Inter-Departmental Research and Technological Innovation Council, which also facilitated collaboration with other Catalan Government ministries. This article describes the importance of research, development and innovation for economic, social and cultural progress in what is now known as the knowledge economy and knowledge society. The criteria and mechanisms employed to prepare the Plan are described, and a diagnosis of the situation of science, innovation, and knowledge and technology transfer in Catalonia is presented. This is followed by a description of the main features of the Plan: its mission, objectives, transverse or generic and supplementary programmes, priority measures, and sectorial strategies. Finally, the 17 generic research and innovation indica- tors that will be employed to monitor the plan's application are described, and its budgetary provisions.


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